Cedric Myton - Rat Trap (2022) Album

Cedric Myton - Rat Trap (2022) Album

Cedric Myton - Rat Trap (2022) Album

Label: Official Staff
Mixed by: The Scientist
Release date: 09/23/2022
Distributed by: Baco Records


After a first album "Meeting Point" and a "Riddim Project" in 2021 with La Grosse Radio Reggae gathering about twenty tracks and artists from the four corners of the globe, Official Staff continues its musical journey and presents its new opus to be released on September 23rd.

The backing band from Normandy has put on a great spread and comes to tickle our ears by unveiling the very first solo album of the living legend of reggae Cedric Myton. Aiming to bring up the entire musical richness necessary to this album, which gathers several hits, Official Staff called upon the greatest sound engineer of Jamaica - The Scientist - for mixdown and mastering of "RAT TRAP". Seduced by the project, the master just sat behind the consoles and delivered a DUB version of "RAT TRAP" with a twelfth single (Official Staff official release date: October 20th).

To give all its splendor and sublimate this "RAT TRAP", Official Staff has chosen the A432 hertzian frequency, used in the past and modified for decades into A440. Several great names such as John MorrisonJanis JoplinVerdiJohn Lennon or even Prince, composed and thought their music in A432, which brings a sensorial well-being and physical pleasure.

After striving many years, today's a new step in the career of Official Staff with the launch of this project, but also many forthcoming others, to be scheduled shortly.

On September 5th, 'RAT TRAP', the eponymous track of this album will be the first to be unveiled, accompanied by a video,  beautifully shot by DubSchool in Old Harbour (Jamaica), Cedric Myton's native land. The video is edited by Boombass, bassist of the Normand backing band. 

  1. New Day
  2. Change The Page
  3. Back The Clock (feat. Kunda)
  4. Music Is The Remedy
  5. Sweet Love (feat. Davanna Sweet)
  6. Dance With Me
  7. Acoustic Music
  8. Privacy
  9. Rat Trap
  10. Rock Hard Stay Calm (feat. Omar Perry)
  11. Trumpet Sound
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