Dougy - Lifestyle (2022) Album

Dougy - Lifestyle (2022) Album

Dougy - Lifestyle (2022) Album

Record, mix and master: Armi Studio and Nicolas Labrado
Production: Armi Studio
Counselling and promition: Evidence Music
Arrangements: Charles Mussautes, Layan Gabriel Oyarzun, Mélanie Brunetau
Aurélien Traore, Arnaud Dos Santos, Olyrics, Dnom, Leytis, Tom Spirals, Dougy

Release date: 05/06/2022


Dougy presents "Lifestyle", his new album get released on 6th of May 2022 on Evidence Music Label.

His first concert in Byron Bay has changed his life, Indeed, since 2012, he rolls on with music and has played over 300 gigs in 12 different countries, including major festivals such as: Rototom (Spain), Reggae Sun Ska (France), Uprising (Slovakia), Rainbow Serpent (Australia).

In Australia, he's MCing for the most famous reggae parties of the country, created alongside 4,20 Sound back in 2013.

Full of energy and sincerity, his music is appreciated in the Pacific. That got him to come back every summer for 5 years to spread the reggae culture in Byron Bay.

In France, he performs with the Backwash Band, designed for big stages. They bet on freshness and explosivity to put on a quality show.

Dougy sharpen his music throughout his travels. His inspirations come from people, cultures and life experiences. He got the Roots Reggae feelings from his guitar, Rub a Dub's from his band and Dancehall's from the 4'20 Sound.

His lyrics speak of hope, either in english or french. He manages to always turn the crowd up, an artist to discover.

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Vibration
  3. Let People Rise
  4. Guide Dem
  5. Music Is Real
  6. Water Dem Plants
  7. No Matter
  8. Remercie la vie
  9. Breath (Live)
  10. Prayer To Life (Live)
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