Horace Andy - Midnight Rocker (2022) Album

Horace Andy - Midnight Rocker (2022) Album

Horace Andy - Midnight Rocker (2022) Album

Label: On-U Sound
Produced by: Adrian Sherwood
Album release date: 04/08/2022


On-U Sound proudly present a new album from legendary Jamaican singer and longtime Massive Attack collaborator, Horace Andy, 10 brand-new recordings, produced by Adrian Sherwood.

Midnight Rocker has been approached in a similar fashion to the late-career quality that Sherwood coaxed out of Lee "Scratch" Perry with the Rainford and Heavy Rain albums, assembling a crack team of players and spending many months perfecting performance, arrangements and mixing. The result is a remarkable suite of tracks that sparkle with superb musicianship, carefully crafted production and Horace's beautiful vocals.


Adrian Sherwood has spent a long time realising his dream of making an album with legendary Jamaican vocalist Horace Andy, beloved by reggae fans worldwide for his classic 70s and 80s tracks for labels such as Studio One and Wackies such as Skylarking and Money Money, and boasting proper crossover appeal in modern times via his frequent contributions to Massive Attack, being a mainstay of their touring line-up and singing on all of their studio albums to date.

The material includes revisiting and updating a few classic Horace Andy songs such as "Mr. Bassie", but the bulk of the tracks are brand-new compositions with contemporary messages, such as "Watch Over Them" and "Materialist". The pair have also versioned "Safe From Harm" a much-loved early single by the group that Andy is most associated with - Massive Attack.

"On-U Sound are very proud to present a truly wonderful album with one of the all-time great singer-songwriters in the rich history of Jamaican music, Horace Andy. This is a true gold star performance, and I'm very proud of it." -Adrian Sherwood

  1. This Must Be Hell
  2. Easy Money
  3. Safe From Harm
  4. Watch Over Them
  5. Materialist
  6. Today Is Right Here
  7. Try Love
  8. Rock To Sleep
  9. Careful
  10. Mr Bassie
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