Link & Chain - Dirty Works (2022) Single

Link & Chain - Dirty Works (2022) Single

Link & Chain - Dirty Works (2022) Single

Label: Issachar Muzik
Release date: 05/20/2022
Distributed by: Tuff Gong International


Kingston, Jamaica - Roots reggae quartet Link & Chain have release their new single "Dirty Works" via Issachar Musik and distributed by Tuff Gong International.

Regarding "Dirty Works," Link & Chain share, "I'n'I should love our brothers and sisters as one humanity. Dirty Works of any kind should be rejected...we've seen that dirty works have caused humanity to become heartless... I'n'I won't do dirty works, stay pon the righteous path and live up. Keep your way clean as Rastafari teaches, hold steadfast in the light. Never mislead the innocent to do dirty works. We want to give thanks for the good people that surround us through the connections we have made. We were blessed to link with the Issachar Muzik Record label who is part of the cultural revolution, helping to push the culture aspect of reggae to where it's supposed to be. Our connection with Issachar has been very fruitful, and we are so thankful to have our music distributed by the legendary Tuff Gong International and we hope to continue the relationship with more new releases. Official video will be premiering soon."

Link & Chain is a band of brothers that have been harmonizing together and co-writing their songs for decades since their early days in Jamaica. The seasoned veteran musicians have been releasing conscious roots reggae since 1990. The name was chosen because of its significance to the struggle of our ancestors and it also significant to the unity of I'n'I coming together & holding together as links on a chain.

This outstanding group involves four extraordinary livicated Rasta men: Dwight Campbell the maestro is known "Tah-Seti", Paul Williams, the big voice is "Mirror", Trevor Douglas is known as "Kasha" and the talented O'Neil Griffiths is the newest member of the band.

Inspired by their Rastafarian faith, they write their own unique spiritual, danceable music designed to uplift, educate and entertain. Based in Jamaica and Florida, Link & Chain band has a storied history of performing at renowned festivals. Stay tuned for many new releases and tour dates.

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