Mungo's Hi Fi - Distilled (2022) Album

Mungo's Hi Fi - Distilled (2022) Album

Mungo's Hi Fi - Distilled (2022) Album

Label: Mungo's Hi Fi
Release date: 04/01/2022

Distilling is the art of separating and recombining elements to create real genuine flavor. Mungo's Hi Fi are a 100% authentic soundsystem, who blend reggae, dubstep and bass music, and have carried their unique party vibes to every corner of the globe.

Mungo's Hi Fi are now taking their high-energy experience to the US, bringing with them some of the most celebrated UK based emcees and lyricists. To give their fans a taste of their distinctive bass-heavy sound, they have compiled Distilled, a concentrated, power-packed shot of their biggest party anthems.

Formed in Glasgow, Scotland, at the turn of the 21st Century, Mungo's Hi Fi are a group of producers and DJs united in their love of Jamaican sound system culture and electronic dance music. They have worked with some of the greatest reggae artists to come out of Jamaica, such as Sugar Minott, Marcia Griffiths and Max Romeo. They are also early proponents of the UK’s dubstep boom, appearing on Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars Volume 6 and hosting a stage at Croatia’s Outlook festival.

Every track on Distilled brims with the vitality and versatility of Mungo's Hi Fi productions. They travel from updating 60’s ska on Sonny and Cher cover The Beat Goes SKA! featuring reggae legends Tippa Irie and Dennis Alcapone, to speaker-bursting, digi-stepping dub on Pupajim’s Bike Rider. Mungo’s are as comfortable combining grime and vintage reggae for Eva Lazarus and Max Romeo’s update of nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice, aka Babylon Raid, as capturing classic UK rave sounds on Gardna and Catching Cairo’s nostalgic yet futuristic Back In The Dayz.

Sub.Mission are bringing Mungo's Hi Fi to a festival, club or rave in the US. And in the meantime, Distilled gives you everything you need to start your own Mungo’s party at home.

  1. Amsterdam (feat. Eva Lazarus)
  2. Traveller (feat. Charlie P)
  3. Did You Really Know (feat. Soom T)
  4. We Pulsating (feat. Solo Banton)
  5. Babylon Raid (feat. Eva Lazarus & Max Romeo)
  6. Bike Rider (feat. Pupajim)
  7. Jump Up Quickly (feat. Soom T)
  8. Back In The Dayz (feat. Gardna & Catching Cairo)
  9. Rules Of The Dance - Khan Remix (feat. Charlie P)
  10. High Grade (feat. Gentleman’s Dub Club)
  11. In My Zone (feat. Gardna & Charli Brix)
  12. Divorce A L’Italienne (feat. Marina P)
  13. The Beat Goes Ska! (feat. Marina P, Tippa Irie & Dennis Alcapone)
  14. Rain Keeps Falling (feat. Johnny Clarke)