Omar Perry - Life (2022) Album

Omar Perry - Life (2022) Album

Omar Perry - Life (2022) Album

Label: Baco Music
Release date: 06/24/2022


OMAR PERRY’s 6th and new studio album ‘LIFE’. This new album ‘LIFE’ takes a more urban note. On crossover productions of BENWAH, the Jamaican roots and the musical heritage of OMAR PERRY remain however very present. Let we tell you more! Back to the past. In 2020. While the whole world plunges into silence, lock downed, the producer BENWAH contacts OMAR PERRY, with whom he had already collaborated on the album ‘MAN FREE’ (2007), to make him listen to his latest riddims. Modern reggae beats, imbued with urban codes that immediately seduce OMAR PERRY. What was supposed to be a possible collaboration for a single turns into an album project.

2021 is also the year when the world said goodbye to a legendary figure, the dub master whorevolutionized a whole musical trend: LEE «SCRATCH» PERRY. OMAR PERRY mourned the loss ofhis father, the man who passed on to him a huge family and musical heritage, with whom he spent hisearly childhood in the mythical Black Ark Studio.Also facing the loss of his brother in 2019, this gives the Jamaican singer a new perspective, pushinghim to reconsider what is most important. It seems obvious to him to celebrate life in his next album.LIFE’ is an album of 14 original tracks, recorded between Belgium where OMAR lives and Francewhere BENWAH is from.

With the tracks «Serious Time», «Double Edge Sword», «Chant Down Babylon» or «Jah Guide Us» OMAR PERRY does not fail to remind us of the importance of our actions and the repercussionsthey can have in a system that makes it harder for us to survive in this time. An era also stronglymarked by great climatic and social concerns that the singer addresses in the tracks «Serious Time» and «Super Nova», the latter inspired by the tragic death of George Floyd. A time that according tothe singer is marked by misinformation and fake news, and that he addresses through the track «Grow My Wings».

To these main topics, the message of OMAR PERRY is the following: «Never let no one get you down,as long as you stand firm on solid ground. Let’s get up, stand up, and fight for our right. Things canonly get better if we start to unite.» This new album also has its share of collaborations as you can find the spiritual power of MARCUS GAD on the track «The Calling», or the solar and catchy energy of YANISS ODUA and BALIK inthe track «Good Vibes». An escapade in the land of Afrobeat with the singer ZENJI BOY in «WahReceive You» and a collaboration with female jamaïcan sing jay SHANTI B on «Reach My Goal» are also to be discovered on his new album!

  1. Serious Time
  2. Life
  3. The Calling
  4. You're Mine
  5. Double Edge Sword
  6. Good Vibes (feat. Yaniss Odua & Balik)
  7. Jah Guide Us
  8. Wah Receive You (feat. Zenji Boy)
  9. Grow My Wings
  10. Super Nova
  11. Reach My Goal
  12. Chant Down Babylon
  13. Don't Laugh with Them
  14. Work It Out
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