Roots Zombie - Dub Highway (2022) Album

Roots Zombie - Dub Highway (2022) Album

Roots Zombie - Dub Highway (2022) Album

Label: Culture Dub Records
Release date: 09/21/2022


Culture Dub Records is honored to present Roots Zombie's new album. "Dub Highway" has 16 tracks including 4 Dub versions and some featuring with Sammy Gold, Little R, Thomas Anton, Mista B and Bobby Surround... From Stepper to electro Dub without forgetting Bass Music influences and Sound System culture, Dub only Dub, mastered by Joss.B and illustrated by Legrasfist, for free download,of course!

Roots Zombie is now a Bass Machine duo... In 2008, Fred (bassist and manager at the Rock School Barbey in Bordeaux) invited Philippe with his punk band Arrested to perform a concert. In 2010, Fifi gave birth to the solo project Roots Zombie with a first album entitled "Dub Vibration". Four other Lps followed: "Digital Cultcha" (French Dub Released), "Skank the Bass" (Marée Bass), "Human Mad" and "Unknown Station" on Sound Rising Records from Bordeaux.

In 2013, Philippe and Fred met again and built the group DIY Sound with Thomas Anton (vocals) and Nico (keyboard) from Ex Improvisators Dub. After several gigs and studio projects, the group broke up. Fred then joined Roots Zombie project as bassist and arranger. Their first collaboration gave birth to the album "Soundz From The House" on the ODG Prod label. Many concerts followed, mixing machines, consoles and bass live!

Culture Dub Records label has chosen Roots Zombie for the release of its new album on September 21, 2022... "Dub Highway" is an opus clearly under the influence of the Sound System culture. There are 16 tracks including 4 Dub Versions with 5 featuring and new connections. A first one with the English singer Sammy Gold, singer recognized for many collaborations with international producers and having already recorded with the group "The Subvivors" and Mista B. He is a versatile MC who already appeared on the remix of the title ' Politician' directed by Roots Zombie for Polish crew Jabbadub.

You can also find on "Dub Highway" the talented Little R, known for his featuring with Weeding Dub, but also Bobby Surround, both present on the previous album of Roots Zombie, and finally Thomas Anton, singer of the trio TravelerZ, close to the crew since the begining The artwork is signed by Legrasfist, who has created the Roots Zombie's visual universe since the album "Unknown Station" in 2015. The mastering was done by Joss.B.

Dub Highway: A Family Story... Dub and Sound System, of course!

  1. Fake Money Friends (feat. Sammy Gold)
  2. International Mood
  3. Luck (feat. Thomas Anton)
  4. Cosmic
  5. Junglist Possy (feat. Sammy Gold)
  6. Rub a Dub Soldiers
  7. No Worries Dub (feat. Mista B)
  8. OutBack
  9. Politicians don't care (feat. Sammy Gold)
  10. It Is Real?
  11. Freedom (feat. Bobby Surround)
  12. We are rising (feat. Little R)
  13. Luck (Dub Version)
  14. No Worries Dub (Dub Version)
  15. Politicians don't care (Dub Version)
  16. We are rising (Dub Version)
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