Tippa Irie - I’m An African (2022) Album

Tippa Irie - I’m An African (2022) Album

Tippa Irie - I’m An African (2022) Album

Label: TIM Records
Release date: 09/15/2022


GRAMMY® nominated musician and dancehall legend Tippa Irie has released his first full-length studio album in six years, “I’m An African”. The 16-track album features several well-known artists, and draws inspiration from his family’s roots in Africa and Jamaica. The London-born MC reflects on the historical significance of his past in this highly anticipated 18th career album, while highlighting the impact of and lessons learned from current day events.

This broad collection of music moves between serious socio-political conversation and going to the dancehall to simply celebrate life. “Understanding where we come from and how that influences our life decisions is just as important as being able to sit back, relax and just have some fun,” says Tippa. “These last 3 years have been a challenge for everyone, and I wanted to create something to help people forget about their troubles without ignoring what’s actually happening in the world.”

The title track “I’m An African” pays homage to leaders from around the world including Malcom X and Bob Marley highlighting their struggles that paved the way for People of Color while also celebrating the positive aspects of life he has experienced as a Black man in the UK. The album effortlessly weaves it’s way through hysterical travel encounters on the bus in Jamaica via “Minibus Man” to urging people to treat each other with love and respect in “Got To Do Better.” Dancehall anthems “Hey Girl” and “Hot Like Fire” keep the pace high while “Live the Life I Love” slows it down near the end and reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life. Tippa gives respect to the younger generation of talent in “Talk Like Koffee”, and the album closes with a recently released single called “Di Ting (The Thing)” bringing forth a thought-provoking discussion about recent events and the state of the world.

This is Tippa’s first full-length studio album in six years. It is being released on the heels of a European Summer tour which included capacity crowds with stops at Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Fest, Lewisham People’s Day Festival in London, and Rototom in Spain, among others. “I’m An African” can be bought or streamed on all major online streaming platforms as of September 15, 2022. A video for the title track will also be released on the same day premiering on Tippa’s facebook page.

In early 2023, Tippa’s autobiography “It’s Good To Have the Feeling You’re The Best” titled after his hit single of the same name from the 1980s, will be released. The memoir covers the past 40 years of his prestigious career. It is currently available for preorder and will be released through Jacaranda books. Tippa’s autobiography is a life story of big dreams, hopes and music, but also profound traumas and tribulations that Tippa experienced throughout his life, and how music helped him to move forward and achieve successes beyond what he ever imagined was possible.

About Tippa Irie

Tippa Irie released his first album “Is It Really Happening to Me” in 1986. He has had several #1 hits in the UK and around the world including Hello Darling, Raggamuffin Girl and Superwoman. In 2005, Tippa was nominated for a GRAMMY® for Best Rap Song for a tune he wrote with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas called “Hey Mama.” Tippa has toured the world extensively and continues to perform for capacity crowds on every continent. Over the years, he has collaborated with countless artists and has maintained a consistent stream of new releases. He continues to delight fans wherever he performs with his fast-talking style and high energy shows.

  1. I'm An African (The Remix) (feat. O.B.F)
  2. Mini Bus Man (feat. Friendly Fire Band)
  3. Got To Do Better
  4. Love Yourself (feat. Shniece)
  5. Hey Girl (feat. Stush)
  6. Hot Stuff (feat. Apache Indian)
  7. Dem Too Bad Mind (feat. Keith Lawrence)
  8. Mystic
  9. Flat Foot Hustle
  10. Gwaan Dweet
  11. Hot Like Fire (feat. Benny Page)
  12. Talk Like Koffee
  13. I Made A Wish (feat. China Black)
  14. Live The Life I Love
  15. Vampire
  16. Di Ting
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